"Zip Zip (TV Series)"
The series logo for Zip Zip.
Series Information
Genre Comedy
Created by Aurore Damant
Anne Ozannat
Directed by Aurore Damant (Bye-Bye Bathtime)

Lionel Allaix

Country of Origin France
Original Language Spainsh
Number of Seasons 21
Number of Episodes 4.000
Executive Producers Eric Garnet
Anne De Galard
Run Time 11 minutes
Production company(s) GO-N Productions
Distributor GO-N International
Original Channel France 3
Boing Spainsh
Original Release March 23, 2015 - present
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Zip Zip is a French animated television series (52 x 13') created by Aurore Damant, based on an original idea by Anne Ozannat and produced by GO-N Productions. It is funded by the French channel France 3 and the German channel Super RTL.


"Hi! I'm Washington the Fox. With my friend, Sam the Boar, his sister Eugenie, and Suzie the Blackbird, we found life in the forest too tough. So, we decided to leave."
Washington on the opening credits

Washington the fox, Sam the wild boar, and Eugenie, Sam's little sister, are tired of living paw-to-mouth in the wilderness. They crave the creature comforts only the suburbs can provide and decide to zip into costume and disguise themselves as run-of-the-mill house pets. So far, their secret is safe but you can count on the gang's wild animal instincts to surface at the very worst moments, driving the gags and suspense! They've tamed their new household, but they're not out of the woods just yet.

Awards and Nominations


Country Channel Release Date
Germany Super RTL 23 March 2015
France France 3 4 April 2015
Poland teleTOON+ April 13, 2015
Australia Disney XD June 1, 2015
Italy Disney XD June 15, 2015
South Korea Disney Channel June 23, 2015
Southeast Asia Disney Channel July 14, 2015
Brazil Disney Channel October 19, 2015
Portugal SIC K TBA
Angola DStv Kids TBA
Malaysia DStv Kids TBA
Israel Disney Channel September 6, 2015
Russia Disney Channel October 9, 2015
India Disney Channel TBA
Japan Disney Channel TBA
Sweden SVT TBA
United Arab Emirates E-Junior TBA
Latin America Disney Channel October 4, 2015
Indonesia Spacetoon January 6, 2016


  • Director : Lionel Allaix
  • Script editors : Cynthia True
  • Music : Séverin
  • Executive Producer : Eric Garnet
  • Associate Producer : Anne de Galard
  • Line Producer : Emmanuel de Franceschi
  • Production coordinators : Séverine Modzelewski, Amélie Oliveau
  • Story boarders : Lionel Allaix, Anthony Pascal, Christophe Pittet, Gark, Philippe Leconte, Thierry Sapyn, Baptiste Lucas, Nicolas Moschini, Nima Azarba, Fred Mintoff, Brice Magnier, Julien Thompson, Dominique Etchecopar, Olivier Derynck, Ronan Le Brun
  • 1st assistant director : Stéphane Bevilacqua
  • 2nd assistant director : Mathias Cottreau
  • Script coordinator : Amélie Oliveau
  • Translators : Leslie Damant-Jeandel, Manon Cranney, Rob Conrath, Justine Bannister
  • Chief character designer : Marc Bascougnano
  • Background design team : Baptiste Lucas, Bertrand Piocelle, Tiphaine Schroeder, Thomas Greffard, Manuel Tanon-Tchi
  • Animation supervisors : Michaël Armellino, Thomas Digard
  • Props and FX designers : Louis-Gaël "Elger" Le Breton, Ahmed Guerrouache, François Maumont
  • Colour Styling team : Caroline Vanden Abeele, Christine Lips, Sylvia Lorrain, Manuel Tanon-Tchi
  • Storyboard Assitants: Johann Cheneval, Cédric Frémeaux
  • Animation Director : Julien Cayot
  • Characters Builds : Mathieu Chaptel, Adeline Monin, Thomas Greffard
  • Animation References : Mathieu Chaptel, Caroline Piochon, Mourad Seddiki
  • Layout Team : Franck Bonay, Miguel Larzillière, Brendan Merien
  • Chief Animators : Christophe N'Guyen, Gary Dominguez, Juliette Laurent
  • Animatics Editing : Fiona Couturier, Antoine Delaporte
  • Final Editing : Fiona Couturier, Antoine Delaporte
  • Dialogues adapted: Elise An, Antoine Ledoux
  • Trainee : Juliette Cuisinier(citation needed)