"Welcome to the Jungle"
Season 1, Episode 34
Episode Information
Written by: Matthieu Chevallier
Storyboard by: Unknown
Directed by: Philippe Leconte
Broadcast Information
Air date: April 22, 2015 (France)
Not available
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A Short Term Leash Animal Carnival
They are not going to put us back to the forest. They are going to put us back to the jungle!


Welcome to the Jungle is the thirty-fourth episode of Season 1.


The gang has become the laughing stock of the neighborhood.


The pet costumes wears and tears and Washington tries to order new costumes online. The parcel arrived and they unzipped and gave the costumes to Victoria and requested to throw the costumes away. What they got are costumes from the jungle. At first, they do not know what kind of animals they are wearing because they did not know different animals from the jungle. Alvarez and Plato were scared, seeing Washington, now in a lion costume. The garbage truck arrived and collected the garbage, including Washington and the others' costumes. Washington and Sam tried to follow it, but the garbage truck driver was scared and accelerated the truck.

Meanwhile, Eugenie and Suzie watched a documentary about animals on the Savannah. They learned that they are dressed like the animals from the jungle. They went off and go to where Washington and Sam were.

The garbage truck was fast and a police car was following it. When they saw the "lion" and the "tiger", they called for animal control. The vet tried to catch them, but he could not. meanwhile Suzie and Eugenie disguised as trash before arriving at the garden. Suzie darted her way to Washington and Sam to tell that they had to remove their jungle costumes

They eventually stopped at the botanical garden, where the dogcatchers caught Washington and Sam, but as a fox and a wild boar. The vet released them because he finds catching a lion and a tiger "a million times more exciting".

Suzie and Eugenie eventually took their clothes from the garbage truck and wore them. The problem is, their costume is still torn and Mr. L is using the computer. When they saw that the Livingstones were using a stache paste to grow mustaches, much to the disappointment to Victoria who was also put with one, they applied the paste to themselves.

When Mr. L checked to see what was going on, they saw Washington and the pets in balls of hair.

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