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"Well, worst case scenario? We get returned to the wild and eat dirt for the next 40 years!"
Washington to Sam[source]

Washington the Fox

Washington Pose

Washington noclothes

Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Wash,
Foxy Washington ("Undercover Bother")
Species: Red Fox
Age: 35-40-65
Friends: Sam,
Victoria (at times),
The Livingstones,
Mitch (sometimes)
Meadow (love interest)
Enemies: Dogcatchers,
Victoria (at times),
Relatives: Baby,
The Livingstones (owners)
Occupation: House Pet
Watchdog (Watchdog Wash)
First Appearance: "Bye-Bye Bathtime"
Voice: David Coburn
Gauthier Battoue
Dennis Hopper (Spainsh)

Color Scheme
fur cloth eye mouth/tail/ears

Washington is one of the main characters of Zip Zip, voiced by David Coburn in the English dub and Gauthier Battoue in French.

In the title sequence, Washington is shown to be the leader of the group and claims to have conceived the plan to disguise the animals as house pets and live with The Livingstones in their San Francisco home.


Young Washington

Young Washington

Not much of Washington is known before he was adopted by the Livingstones yet.

He fed a silver fox back in the wild. (Dog Years)


"Please, I'm a total professional."
Washington to Victoria[source]

Being a red fox, he is sly and sneaky but in disguise, he acts like a dog. Being a wild animal, Washington's fox instincts sometimes show (Undercover Bother, No Good Dig Goes Unpunished).

Physical Appearance

Washington is a red fox with orange fur and cream fur for detail. He has solid black eyes, black nose and whiskers.


Being a red fox, Washington can do things a dog cannot do.



"You're my best friend"
Washington to Sam[source]

  • Sam is Washington's best friend. Sam often agrees to come along with Washington and is willing to help out when he is in trouble.


"Eugenie, go over there!"
Washington to Eugenie

Not much interaction of both Washington and Eugenie is shown in the episodes. The only things that Washington does to Eugenie is to request something to be done.



"I'd say 'look what the cat dragged in', but I wouldn't touch you with Sam's claws."
Victoria to Washington[source]

ZIPZIP - Wash & Vic, a love & hate affair

ZIPZIP - Wash & Vic, a love & hate affair

Washington has a love/hate relationship with Victoria. Her general dislike for Washington might involve his adoption by her respective owners, The Livingstones, which possibly invokes jealousy. In "Night of the Werefox", Victoria likes to play tricks on Washington, but in other cases, she is willing to help or guide him (as shown in "Foxy Lady") in a time of need.

The Livingstones

Washington (along with Sam, Eugenie, and Suzie) was adopted by the Livingstones and lives with them in San Francisco. In the presence of Mr. and Mrs. "L", Washington tries to acts as dog, even though his amateur experience nearly blows his cover at times.


Ludo's Description


Le cerveau

Son autorité naturelle fait de lui le chef de l’opération « Zip Zip ». Après tout, n’est-ce pas lui qui a eu l’idée géniale de se déguiser en animal domestique pour quitter la forêt ? Très enthousiaste, notre toutou imposteur déborde de ressources pour profiter au mieux de l’existence tranquille d’une vie de maison à laquelle il a pris goût chez les Livingstone. Il n’a quand même pas risqué tout ça pour finir dans une niche…surtout s’il peut se blottir sur la couette chaude.


The Brains

His natural authority had made ​​him the head of the operation Zip Zip. After all, is he not the one who had the brilliant idea of dressing up as pets to leave the forest? Very enthusiastic, our dog impostor tries his best to make the most of a quiet suburban life he had a liking in the Livingstones. He still did not risk it all to end in a niche... especially if he can snuggle on the warm duvet.


The image gallery for Washington may be viewed here.

Memorable Quotes

  • Then, it's back to the wild for us! No warmth, no shelter... no cable! (Bye-Bye Bathtime)
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