"How come I lived here the longest and I'm on the floor?"

Victoria Livingstone
Victoria Pose
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: House Cat
Age: 12 🎂 July 26th
Friends: Sam,
Washington (at times),
Mrs. Livingstone,
Mr. Livingstone
Enemies: Dogcatchers,
Washington (at times),
Relatives: The Livingstones (Owners)
Occupation: Pet
First Appearance: "Bye-Bye Bathtime"
Voice: Tiffany Hofstetter (English)
Diane Dassigny (French) Lileana Chacón (spanish latin)

Color Scheme
fur cloth eye mouth/tail/belly

Victoria was the original pet of The Livingstones before Washington, Sam, Eugenie, and Suzie were adopted.


Victoria was originally designed to be a skin-colored cat with a fluffy tail (like Fluffy and Nugget) and a blue collar.


"My sincere apologies but it's a cat thing.""
Victoria to Washington[source]

Physical Appearance

She has grey fur and white fur for details.


Ludo's Description


La complice (malgré elle)

Avant que nos héros à poil et à plume ne surgissent dans sa vie, la chatte Victoria était le seul, l’exclusif objet des attentions des Livingstone. L’arrivée de Washington et de ses amis est une entrave à son existence d’animal domestique unique. Et quoi de plus dégoûtant que de devoir partager son territoire avec cette bande de crasseux de la forêt ?! Beurk !! Car Victoria est maligne, elle a immédiatement su qu’elle avait affaire à des imposteurs ! Mais, compétitive, elle a trouvé en Washington un adversaire aussi rusé qu’elle, et elle adore lui causer des ennuis ! Tout en se laissant parfois convaincre de le tirer d’un mauvais pas – en échange d’un service évidemment !


The accomplice (against her will)

Before our furry and feathery heroes and came into her life, Victoria the cat was the sole center of attention of the Livingstones. The arrival of Washington and his friends is a hindrance to the only pet. What is more disgusting than to share her territory with this filthy band of the forest? Yuck! Because Victoria is witty, she immediately knew she was dealing with impostors! However, being competitive, she found an opponent, Washington being as cunning as she, and she loves to put him in trouble! Usually leaving, she sometimes was convinced to pull him out of trouble - in exchange for service, of course!


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