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"Undercover Bother"
Undercover Bother-Titlecard
Season 1, Episode 4
Episode Information
Written by: Brendan Hay
Storyboard by: Thierry Sapyn
Directed by: Lionel Allaix
Broadcast Information
Air date: April 5, 2015 (France)
ZIPZIP - S01EP04 Undercover bother HD Official

ZIPZIP - S01EP04 Undercover bother HD Official

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ZIPZIP *Short* 03

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Please. I'm a total professional.

Washington before he fell down sleeping

"Undercover Bother" is the fourth episode of Season 1.


Washington confronts a gang of unruly raccoons who are making a racket.


Victoria, Washington and Sam raced to the Livingstones' bed to see who would arrive first. When Eugenie and Suzie were on the already, the three were forced to sleep on the floor.

In the middle of the night, the Livingstones were awoken by the loud noises made by a gang of raccoons outside their house and Mr. Livingstone was angry at Washington for not scaring them off. Because of the noise, the Livingstones were forced to sleep in the living room and Victoria happily took the opportunity to sleep with them.


"You're a fox?"

Sam was shocked to realize that the Livingstones will throw them out if Washington would not do something about the raccoons and he woke Washington up. Washington went out and tried to talk the raccoons out. Washington had no choice but to show that he is a fox to scare the raccoons. The raccoons were envious of Washington able to live in a comfortable house.


"I know you can't say 'no' to me."

One of the raccoons insisted Washington to come with them and have some fun throughout the night. Washington denied at first but after he was shown a roasted turkey, he accepted the invitation.

After having fun, Washington returned in the morning. Sam and Victoria were concerned but Washington said that the "Rac Pack" is cool.

That night, he was trying to escape when Victoria and Sam interrupted. Washington explained that he is just "protecting the trash" and went away.

The next day, he arrived and slept on the floor. Mr. Livingstone gave him a belly rub but Washington attacked him. After realizing what he did, Washington licked his owner.

Later that night, Washington left the house. Sam was angry and confronted the raccoons, who were eating off the garbage with Washington. When the raccoons fought back, Washington scared them away by having soap bubbles in his mouth. In the end, Washington and the gang reunited.

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  • "Undercover Bother" was one of two full episodes uploaded to the official USA/UK Zip Zip YouTube channel for complimentary viewing. The other episode was "A Tail to Tell". As of Fall 2015, these are the only English episodes accessible from the two territories as the series is yet to be broadcast.


  • When Washington was having a conversation with the raccoons at the garbage cans on the first night, the white detail on the raccoons' belly disappears and appears.


Undercover Bother-Titlecard
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