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Eugenie the Boar

Eugenie Pose

Eugenie noclothes

Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Wild Boar
Age: 9
Friends: Suzie,
The Livingstones
Enemies: Dogcatchers,
Relatives: Sam
Occupation: House Pet
First Appearance: "Bye-Bye Bathtime"
Voice: Sharon Mann
Camille Donda

Color Scheme
coat cloth eye snout

Eugenie is a main character on Zip Zip, voiced by Sharon Mann in the English dub and Camille Donda in French. His closest allies are Washington, Sam, and Suzie.


She's a young wild boar with a joyful personality, she loves playing and goofing off, especially with her best friend, Suzie, she loves her brother ,Sam, very much, along with her other friends.

Physical Appearance

(unzipped) Eugenie has light brown boar skin, a black tuft of hair and black hooves

(costumd) a bunny costume that's tannish pink along with a matching cap with bunny ears, and a grey zipper.



Eugenie respects Washington as a leader and is happy to follow his every command, along with her best friend, Suzy.


Eugenie loves her brother, Sam, as much as she loves her other friends, both of them try their best to protect each other at all costs.


Suzie is Eugenie's best friend, she is often seen standing/flying beside Eugenie at almost every episode, they both respect each others' decisions and seem together along with each other very well.


Much of Victoria and Eugenie's relationship is not shown, since they rarely interact with each other alone, but it is shown that Eugenie and Suzie enjoy annoying Victoria every time the boys leave them with her to take care of them.

The Livingstones

Eugenie loves her owners very much but doesn't interact with them that much since the pets are usually seen hanging out with each other rather than their owners.


  • Eugenie was originally designed to be a boy with the name "Eugene".

Ludo's Description


La chouchoute

Petite soeur de Sam, elle est la benjamine de la bande et celle qui fait fondre d’amour les Livingstone ! Grimée en lapin rose, Eugénie est en réalité une adorable demoiselle marcassin qui aime promener son petit groin partout. D’une curiosité insatiable, débordante d’énergie et d’optimisme, elle considère son nouveau foyer comme un immense terrain de jeux. Pour elle et sa complice Suzie, tout est sujet d’émerveillement : l’arrosage automatique, l’aspirateur, la chasse d’eau…




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