"Dare to be Wild"
Season 1, Episode 25
Episode Information
Written by: Erik Wiese
Storyboard by: Unknown
Directed by: Lionel Allaix
Broadcast Information
Air date: TBA (France)
Not available
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The Wild Side Going Postal
I triple-dog dare you!

Victoria to Washington and Sam

Dare to be Wild is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 1.


When the Wild Ones caught up in a game of dare...


After the Livingstones played a game of dare, Washington and the others played it too. Victoria eventually gave them a triple-dog dare that Washington and Sam cannot escape from. Washington and Sam followed the actions of a traffic enforcer without their costume. Eugenie and Suzie followed them but were caught by the officer. The Livingstones saw Washington and Sam without their costume and tried to call animal control when Victoria snatched the phone and ran away. Wash and Sam followed the traffic enforcer's scooter as the traffic enforcer plans to put Eugenie and Suzie back to the forest. Eventually, they got them back and went back to their house.

Major Characters

Minor Characters


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